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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

2019 Ohio October 11-20

"The answer is love and compassion for all humanity."

The Journey of Hope... From Violence to Healing will be in Ohio from October 11 to October 20, 2019.

The Journey of Hope... From Violence to Healing is led by murder victims' family members who share their experiences to convey that the death penalty has nothing to do with the healing that these families need and deserve. The Ohio Journey is taking place at exactly the time when policy makers and the public are having serious discussions about this difficult issue in Ohio. Journey speakers can help your community shape that conversation.

Journey "storytellers" come from all walks of life and represent the full spectrum and diversity of faith, color and economic situation. We recount our tragedies and struggles to heal as a way of opening dialogue on the death penalty in schools, colleges, churches and other venues, changing hearts and minds.



Featured Speakers

LaShawn Ajamu, SueZann Bosler, Chris Castillo, Melinda Dawson, Bill Pelke, Rev. Sharon Risher, Rev. Dr. Jack Sullivan, Jr., and George White

Death Row Exonerees and Witness to Innocence Members
Kwame Ajamu, Joe D’Ambrosio, Shujaa Graham, and Derrick Wayne Jamison.

Death Row Family Members
Dr. Chris Brown, Charles Keith, Wana Akpan & Rodrick Reed, Terri Steinberg, and Rhonda Labroi

Abraham J. Bonowitz, Shane Claiborne, Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ, Mason Shihab, Bob Gross, Hannah Kubbins, Brandi Slaughter, and Gary Witte