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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Journey of hope... on tour

A core argument by proponents of the death penalty is that it provides "justice" and "closure" to family members and friends of the murder victims and is necessary to assuage their grief.  This proposition has a powerful emotional appeal.  The American public has a natural well of sympathy for family members and friends of the victims.  Some work to exploit this sympathy.

Journey of Hope…From Violence to Healing has been doing tours since 1993, and has reached tens of thousands of people in numerous states and countries. Its anti-death penalty message is particularly effective because it grows out of personal experience with the loss of loved ones to murder. These victims’ family members have moved beyond the urge for revenge; they have taken the harder road of forgiveness and healing. When the stories are told, hearts are touched and minds can be changed.  With its unique approach, the Journey opens doors to speaking engagements in:

  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Churches and religious settings
  • Civic and Professional Organizations
  • Legislative Hearings
  • Radio and Television Talk Shows
  • Rallies and Demonstrations

Check out the Who we are link to learn more about the stories Journey participants tell...

The Journey Tours provide voices of murder victims family members who reject this policy of vengeance and are working to bring about an end to the death penalty.  Spreading the message of forgiveness and love to hundreds of thousands of people in the United States and throughout the world, the Journey has three types of tours that can come to your area:

Journey Annual Event : One 17-day full participation tour hosted and sponsored by organizations in an individual state each year
Journey Limited Tour : Groups of two or more speakers for scheduled duration; multiple tours can be conducted each year
Journey Participation Tour : One speaker for specific events i.e. church, school, civic or community gatherings