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Monday, January 20, 2020

The Journey of Hope

By: Sandy Holloman and Sandy Mann
The Trojan Times
October 1994

Recently, Lamar County High had the pleasure of welcoming guest speakers from the Journey of Hope, an activist group who protest the death penalty.  Ironically, these individuals have had members of their immediate families brutally slain by violent criminals.  Among the speakers were George White, 47, who now works for the Alabama Prison Project Mitigation Program in Montgomery, Alabama.  His emotional testimony told of his own wrongful arrest and 2 year incarceration for the murder of his beloved wife who died in his arms after she was shot in the had by an assailant who robbed them and shot George 3 times.  Our second speaker, Sue Norton is the Chairman of the 5th Avenue Foundation in Kansas.  The 5th Avenue Foundation is a reintegration/training center for convicted felons.  She became involved in these programs after the murder of her parents.  She met the man who killed her parents and was able to forgive him.  Now she is a strong oppose of the death penalty because of her experiences in meeting B.K., her parents murderer.  Finally, Ruth Andrews acts as a mediator in Elkhart, Indiana.  When Ruth was 17, her mom was raped and murdered.  Being a pacifist was an important part of her religion so she was able to forgive the person who committed this grotesque crime, even though he was never found.  Ruth is against capital punishment and now tries to show people options for conflict resolution.  After hearing these speakers, LCCHS students have a better understanding of both sides of the capital punishment issue.