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Monday, January 20, 2020

1995 California - September 22 - October 8

The Journey of Hope chose to go to California in 1995. Bill Pelke and Marietta Jaeger were the National organizers. Mike Penzato, through an Amnesty grant, relocated in California to become the State Organizer. Amnesty, NCADP, Death Penalty Focus supported the organizing efforts. Claudia King and the Bay area action team organized the second week of the Journey when the group moved to the North. Housing was mostly at youth Hostels near the Pacific Ocean.


September 22 Arrival, evening memorial service - San Diego
September 23 Workshops, evening services - San Diego
September 24 Religious communities - San Diego
September 25 Speaking engagements - San Diego
September 26 Speaking engagements - Orange County/LA
September 27 Speaking engagements - Los Angeles
September 28 Speaking engagements - Los Angeles
September 29 Day of Rest - Cesar Chavez community at La Pa (Near Bakersfield)
September 30 Fresno
October 1 Religious community/march - San Francisco/Oakland
October 2 Speaking engagements/demonstrations - San Jose
October 3 Speaking engagements/march - Santa Cruz
October 4 Day of rest - San Francisco
October 5 Speaking engagements/march - San Francisco/Oakland
October 6 Speaking engagements/demonstration - Sacramento
October 7 Demonstration - San Quentin State Prison
October 8 Farewell breakfast/church services