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MAY 29, 

Friday, May 29, 1998 - The Texas Journey of Hope...From Violence to
Healing begins today with participants arriving from throughout Texas,
the United States and Europe. "We are here to share with the people the
people of Texas our message that vengeance is never the answer," said
Bill Pelke, Founder of the organization. "We know from our personal
experiences the pain of losing a loved one to murder, and we know that
the death penalty has nothing to do with healing. It is purely a matter
of vengeance.
Other speakers include: Carol Byars, a Houston resident who lost her
husband to murder; George White, who lost his wife to murder and was
wrongfully convicted and eventually exonerated for the murder; Steve
Earle, E-Squared/Warner Bros. recording artist, and Deloyd Parker,
director of the S.H.A.P.E. Community Center.
Main Houston events:
Saturday - Demonstration outside the Walls Unit in Huntsville at Noon.
Sunday - Anti Violence Rally for Youth at Houston City Hall from 5pm to
9pm, featuring E-Squared/Warner Bros. recording artist Steve Earle.
Monday - Prayer rally at 12pm at the office of Johnny Holmes, Harris
County District Attorney.
The Journey of Hope ...From Violence to Healing is a public awareness
and educational tour, which will visit the major cities in Texas. They
are led by murder victim's families who share their stories and their
message of healing and reconciliation through forgiveness. Speaking in
churches, schools, civic groups and through radio and television public
policy programs, their presentations give a more complete picture of the
cycle of violence. They express the way in which the death penalty
impairs healing, prolongs suffering and creates more victims. They are
also joined by family members of death row inmates, as well as those
released from death row due to discovery of their innocence, and friends
from Texas and beyond. Previous Journeys have been held in Indiana,
Georgia, California, and Virginia, bringing their message face to face
to over 75,000 people.
The Texas Journey of Hope...From Violence to Healing will culminate in a
large march and rally on the Texas State Capital on June 13. This march
and rally will be led by Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ, author of Dead Man