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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

1998 Philippines

The thing about working toward a moratorium is that it leads to positive developments like what is happening TODAY in the Philippines!  Now, this does not happen easily or overnight.  CUADP was pleased to be the US-based facilitator for the Philippines Journey of Hope ...From Violence to Healing, which took place in the Spring of 1998. 

Together with anti-DP groups in the Philippines and the Philippines team at Amnesty International in London, CUADP organized several murder victims' family members, death row family members, and a prison chaplain/former corrections worker to go to the Philippines to invigorate local activists, appear in the media, make public presentations, and to meet with government officials, including President Estrada.  MUCH work went into the follow up, which led to this Reuters headline and story:

Estrada commutes all death sentences in Philippines

BACOLOD, Philippines, Dec 10 (Reuters) - Philippine President Joseph Estrada, threatened with removal from office for alleged corruption, announced on Sunday he would commute to life terms all death sentences that have been imposed by local courts.

The presidential directive would affect more than 1,200 prisoners who have been sentenced to die by lethal injection since the country restored capital punishment in 1994.

"I will order tomorrow all those who are sentenced to death will all be commuted to life imprisonment," Estrada said in remarks during mass in the central Philippine city of Bacolod on Negros island.

He made the remarks on International Human Rights Day.

The powerful Roman Catholic church in the largely Christian country has strongly opposed the restoration of the death penalty in the Philippines.

It has also been at the forefront of demands for the resignation of Estrada, who is undergoing an impeachment trial in the Senate for allegedly taking bribes from illegal gambling syndicates.

Lois, Bill, Kenn, Jane, SueZann and George surround Leo Echegaray's mother. Leo was executed a short time later becoming the first since reinstatement.