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Monday, July 22, 2019


Greetings all,

I want to say that I am very proud to be a member of the board of directors of an organization called the Journey of Hope ...From Violence to Healing, Inc. I want to congratulate the
members of the various organizations in Missouri, who just completed more than a week of actions and events featuring speakers from the Journey - murder victim's family members, death row family members, death row survivors, activists.... Below is an article that was printed in today's (4/4/2001) Columbia Tribune. 500+ plus people in the capital of Missouri is no small feat! The Missouri Journey has been described as one of the most effective Journey events ever! Mazel Tov!

Bill Pelke and George White are now driving in Abolition Movin' from Missouri to Pensacola, Florida, where on Friday they will join me, Bud Welch, Johnny Zokovitch (Pax Christi/Gainesville Citizens & Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty), Marisa Gwaltney (Amnesty DP Abolition Coordinator for Florida and coordinator of the AI group at UF), and Sara Klemm (Moratorium Now! municipal resolutions coordinator), for what we are calling the Florida Moratorium Tour.

To be clear, we could not be doing this tour without the help of a LOT of individuals in a lot of places. I thank them all. I thank the Journey. But I especially want to thank the all-volunteer Special
Initiatives Fund Committee of Amnesty International USA, which made a grant of $4,000 to this event - thereby making this event possible. A number of other individuals have also made a financial investment in the success of this event.

After the Florida Moratorium Tour, we hope to see many friends at the Annual General Meeting of Amnesty in Nashville. The Journey takes a few weeks off after that, and then Bill, George, myself and others will be in Terre Haute for the killing of McVeigh, and then the Journey is off to New Jersey for Moratorium Week.

So yes, friends, the movement is moving, and I am very glad to know that as of Friday morning, I'll be riding around in a bus called "Abolition Movin' " for a couple of weeks, or until it breaks down -
whichever comes first. (Contribute to the bus repair fund by sending a check to the Journey at P.O. Box 210390, Anchorage, AK 99521.)

OK. That's enough plugging. Now back to packing!