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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

African Journey, November 2014

We are planning a trip to Kenya and Uganda this November!


After an incredible trip to Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya in 2011 we are going back!  We will visit schools, churches, and prisons - it is sure to be an amazing experience and opportunity to share the message of the Journey of Hope!


Support our efforts!


More details will be forthcoming, for now, we greatly appreciate your support in terms of prayers, positive thoughts, and if you are able, financial contributions.


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We have heard interest from many Journey of Hope speakers to attend and expect to have at least a dozen make the trip.  Already, Bill Pelke, Bill Babbitt, Randy Gardner, and Curtis McCarty are confirmed to attend.  We've been blessed by gracious hosts and accomodations once we arrive, but airfare will be expensive.  Any help you can give is most appreciated! 


African Journey blog post from Bill Pelke


For more information about the 2011 African Journey, and details about this year's trip, click here to read a letter from Journey of Hope co-founder and President Bill Pelke.


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