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Saturday, April 04, 2020

Participation Journey

A participation journey means an event where the Journey had a very strong participation. We count an event with a single speaker as a participation journey as well

Various events attended

2004 October 6-9: 2nd World Congress Against the Death Penalty - Montreal Canada: Co-Founder Bill Pelke participated in a round table discussion
2004 October 18-22: Speaking Events Mount Saint Mary's University - Emmitsburg, Maryland;  / Gettsyburg College and Wilson College in Pennsylvania
2004 October 22-24: Amnesty International's National Weekend of Faith and Action on the Death Penalty
Speaking events in D.C. and Virginia at James Madison University and Eastern Mennonite University
2004 November 3-8: Co-Founder Bill Pelke was keynote speaker at the Lifelines Conference along with Clive Stafford Smith in London, England.
November 11-15: Co-Founder Bill Pelke was a panel speaker at the Amnesty International Western Regional Conference  in Salt Lake City, Utah
2005 January 3-7:
Co-Founder Bill Pelke was speaking in several places in Hawaii
2010 February 24-26: 4th World Congress Against the Death Penalty - Geneva, Switzerland
2012 July 27: Annual Fish Fry by Alaskans against the Death Penalty. Speakers were Bill Pelke and Rais Bhuyian
2013 June 12-15: 5th World Congress Against the Death Penalty - Madrid, Spain
2013 October 11-13: The World Day Against the Death Penalty Conference - Plainfield IN
2016 June 21-23: 6th World Congress Against the Death Penalty - Oslo, Norway