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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Who we are

Journey of Hope…From Violence to Healing is an organization led by murder victim family members, originally founded in 1993 by
 SueZann Bosler, Marietta Jaeger-Lane (Honorary Board Member), Sam Reese Sheppard, George White, and Bill Pelke.

Our speakers share their stories about the process of healing through reconciliation. They call for alternatives to the death penalty and an end to the cycle of violence that capital punishment perpetuates in our society. Joining with these speakers are death row family members, family members of the executed, death row survivors, activists and friends from around the world. Every year Journey of Hope…From Violence to Healing travels to spread the message of nonviolence and forgiveness. They speak to high school classes, church groups, the media, college classes, legislative settings, rallies, and civic and professional organizations.

Journey of Hope…From Violence to Healing promotes restorative justice, a new vision for the criminal justice system. It stresses the need for offender accountability and the opportunity for the offender to make things right with the victim as much as possible. Restorative justice processes allow for greater healing in the lives of victims and offenders, and peace in communities, after crimes are committed.

Journey of Hope…From Violence to Healing not only advocates for the abolition of the death penalty but offers a broad, universal message that addresses all forms of violence worldwide. It is our goal to federate and unite with international organizations and activists to raise awareness on a larger scale, to develop the appropriate tools to educate and to support those who walk the same path.