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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Angela Grobben - Blog writer

Talking about oneself is always difficult, at least I think so... but I`ll do my best! :)

After elementary school and Highschool, I started my study as a librairian at the University in Amsterdam.
Between the ages 12 – 14, I first became aware of injustice and discrimination which was going on in my own enviroment and in the world. Everbody has his/her “Flash” in life which will stay with you all your life. Mine was to see a Native American being shot in the back while carrying a white flag, in my beloved TV-series at the time. ( “Centenial” after the book of James A. Michener). This made such a deep impression on me that my political views, my deep feelings for equality of all humans and  human rights were born.
I joined Amnesty International, organisations for Native Americans of North and South America and Greenpeace, became a “green communist” , collected all about the U.S. politics and other topics at that time. I tried to convince every one who wanted to listen to me…and also those who actually didn`t :)

It was at the same time that I started to write with penpals all over the world; from Finland to the U.S., from Germany to Turkey and Pakistan. I loved to write; I still do. It`s great to exchange cultures and knowledges.    

Doing courses in psychology, personnel management and social volunteerwork to get a better understanding for the human spirit in all its aspects….there I started to write penfriends in prison.

Now in 2011, I again am member of Amnesty International, I support the “Journey of Hope…from Violence to Healing” and “Poster4Tomorrow” and the FittedIn Project, write to prisoners in the U.S., Australia and Scotland and am traveling to take action whenever time and job allow me to.      

Okay, with this I hope to have given you a short inside of my life and the energy that drives me to fight for equality of all human beings, the rights of prisoners and the fight against the Death Penalty and injustice. As I am writing here now, I want to thank some special friends of mine, who gave me the push I needed, showing me the strength of forgiveness again and again, telling me their life-stories which press me to fight for human rights and freedom of speech and last but not least my penfriends for their support, trust and friendship.   And now I hope that I inspired YOU!!! :)



Certificate Amnesty International - translated to English


Original Certificate AI - in German

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2010 Texas