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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Jasmin Jenni, Switzerland

As a teenager Jasmin had many pen friends over the world. This addiction continued even into adulthood. “I absolutely started writing clueless to an inmate on death row, who was looking for friends outside”, she recalls. Compared to a local prison she knew, it was a big difference to hear about the circumstances that her new friend was going through. “To hear about their limitations, emotionally and physically made me think”, Jasmin remembers, “until then I had completely no opinion about the death sentence, it simply didn’t exist for me”. For many years the death penalty is abolished in Switzerland, even life sentences are served after 15-20 years.

What first started as a “hello, I’m from the other part of the world”-letter ended in a mission for Jasmin to find her position in this movement. Within a short time she became a member in organizations and started to work off right away as a pen friend coordinator. Through one of her organizations she attended a speaking event held in Germany, where Bill Pelke, Ray Krone and Terri Steinberg told their stories. “Until that moment I just had the point of view of an inmate, but never of a family member, or victim’s family member”. Jasmin was deeply impressed of the message the speakers were representing. "The voice the speakers raised should be heard by all ears and hearts”, says Jasmin, “that’s why I try to support the Journey of Hope by the possibilities I have.”

Together we can abolish the death penalty!


Webmaster of the Journey of Hope website

Joined the following journeys

2009 Germany (one event)
2010 4th World Congress against Death Penalty - Geneva Switzerland
2010 Texas
2013 5th World Congress against Death Penalty - Madrid Spain
2016 6th World Congress against Death Penalty - Oslo Norway