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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Wayne Crawley, Hawaii

Wayne Crawley recently retired from Bethlehem Steel where he worked with Bill Pelke for over 30 years. Wayne went to Texas in 1991 with Bill for the TASK March (Texans Against State Killing).

Wayne supported the death penalty but told his wife he was going to Texas just to see what Bill was up to. Wayne was exposed to a new light while walking the highways of Texas on that march. He met people who had been wrongfully sentenced to death, family members who had loved ones on death row, murder victim family members who talked about forgiveness rather than revenge and he learned a wealth of facts and information about how the death penalty was being applied in this country.

As the TASK march drew to a close Wayne told Bill he could no longer support the Death Penalty. He suggested to Bill that they do a similar event in Indiana. That suggestion became the seeds for the Indiana Journey of Hope. The Indiana Journey of Hope was going to be a one time event, but it was so successful the Journey continues to this day.

Wayne helped organize the Indiana Journey and spent over a month in Texas with Bill in preparation for the Texas 2005 Journey of Hope.

Wayne moved to Hawaii after his retirement and runs a chauffeur service called Gecko Tours. While in Oahu call Waikiki Wayne for your transportation needs.

Joined the following journeys

2005 Texas
2010 Texas