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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Delia Perez Meyer - Austin, TX

Delia Perez Meyer is from Austin, Texas and has a background in Education, Cultural Arts, International Business, and Human Rights activism focusing on the death penalty.  Delia earned an MBA in International Business, and a Bachelor’s in Spanish/International Business. 

Delia has been employed at Applied Materials, St. Edward’s University, Texas Society of Professional Engineers, and is presently teaching Bilingual children in Elgin, TX.  She is one of 5 children – David, Delia, Irene, Louis, and Ernest, Jr.  One of her brothers, Louis Castro Perez is an innocent man on Texas’ Death Row.  “When Louis was wrongfully convicted 13 years ago, and sent to death row, our family embarked on the most incredible journey of our lives - trying to save an innocent man from death row in Texas.” 

Delia joined the Texas Moratorium Network, Amnesty International, the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, and the Campaign to End the Death Penalty to work towards educating the public about the atrocities of our judicial system.  She has assisted with conferences, legislative issues, The Annual March to End the Death Penalty, Faith in Action Weekend, Journey of Hope, CUADP’s Fast and Vigil, and produces death row inmates’ art shows across the world. 


I turned my love of the Arts into these death row art shows and have collected the works of my pen pals.  Many of them are innocent, and many of them are not – but I see the beauty of each person, they are human beings, and we must respect life and give them the dignity they deserve.

I truly respect and admire the work everyone is doing to abolish the death penalty across the world - special thanks to all the abolitionist groups around the world!  Our family wants to convey to each and every one of you how grateful my brother, Louis, is for all the work you are doing to help abolish the death penalty.  He sends his love & respect to each one of you.