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Monday, June 01, 2020

Donna Doolin-Larson, Fresno CA

Donna (left) with Carol Parcel and Terri Steinberg

Donna Doolin-Larsen is the mother of Keith Doolin who is on Death Row in California. Donna has been a strong advocate for her son as well as an opponent of the death penalty as a whole. Keith's case is currently within the appellate process. He is seeking DNA testing to prove his innocence.

Donna has worked in the allied health field for 35 years and was an educator in the public school system for over 10 years, during which time she created a Allied Health Board for her school health department, writing curriculum for invasive procedures to be taught in pre-nursing and pre-medical classes for on track students including 2+2+2 articulation program with Fresno City College. Donna and her students ran the School Districts TB Clinic each year.

After Keith was arrested and convicted, Donna knew no one would work on Keith's case for years, she could not let that happen so she changed her profession in mid-life and became a paralegal and Notary Public so she could adequately pursue post-conviction information. While getting into the grit of Keith's case, she became involved in several other inmate appeals at the state and Federal level; one case (CA State vs Edlebacher) Donna had information for Edlebacher*s Penalty Phase retrial that caused the court proceedings to be abruptly stopped; taking Edlebacher off Death Row and giving him Life Without Parole (LWOP), which is on appeal.

Donna is an active member of: California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ), Death Penalty Focus, Campaign to End the Death Penalty, "Outsiders Looking In" Fresno Support Group, Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation, Unitarian Universalist Social Justice, Amnesty International, and the Journey of Hope, in which she traveled and spoke out against the Death Penalty throughout the entire state of Ohio in 2003.

In the year 2000, Donna traveled and met with Parliament Dignitary's throughout the United Kingdom (UK), studying, visiting, and researching the prison system there. Donna was excited to see real rehabilitation happening for the inmates and their families in every capacity available, and immediately recognized there are no SHU units but Mental Health Counselors, qualified doctors, nurses, psychiatrist, psychologist, clergy, and mentoring peers who come to the rescue of someone who may be in a crisis. Finding that the recidivism rate for violent to moderate crimes is 3% in the UK, while the US is 87%.

Having a full background of the health profession and teaching credentials Donna continues to study subjects of interest and is looking forward to finishing Law School.

Donna is married to Charlie who works tirelessly on Keith's case and keeps the computer (IT) up and running. Donna’s daughter, Shana Doolin, is a Nurse Practioner in Public Health Education, School Nurse credentialed and is a director and practitioner of a Sacramento School based Clinic.

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