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Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Trevor Dicks RIP

Trevor Dicks is the brother of Jeff Dicks. Their supportive mother joined the Journey serveral times. Read her story here.

Jeff's little Brother, Trevor Dicks was killed in an automobile accident June 7th, 2005. Trevor spoke out against the death penalty and spoke to kids about drugs, alcohol and violence. He had a message to spread, and he did it wonderful. The kids really listened to his story. Trevor also contributed many hours of his time to the Journey of Hope.


“I have experienced many forms of violence.  My uncle was murdered, leaving only memories.  I have been robbed, beaten, and left for dead.  My brother, who was wrongly convicted of murder, sat on death row for over 20 years before his recent death in prison.  I consider the state’s efforts to kill him and act of violence against my entire family.  For many years we suffered the anguish of knowing my brother’s life could be taken, and we continue to suffer in the knowledge that his life meant so little to the state when it meant so much to us.

When someone is murdered, grieving family members have the comfort of knowing that society condemns the killing.  But when someone is sentenced to die or is executed, grieving family members must face a society that not only embraced the killings but shuns them.  The pain and loss we feel is dismissed or ignored.

Although I have many reasons to hate and seek vengeance, God has shown me the truth – that all life is priceless!”