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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Randall Dale Adams RIP

In May 1979 Randall Dale Adams came within 72 hours of execution. That execution date was stayed on a writ of certiorari to the US Supreme Court and His death sentence was subsequently overturned in June 1980. Instead of a new trial, His sentence was commuted to life by Gov. Clemens at the Dallas DA's request.

Randall was released from prison in Texas in 1989 after twelve years in prison in Texas including four years on death row. His story was the subject of The Thin Blue Line, the famous 1988 documentary film by Errol Morris. The film documented Randall’s arrest, imprisonment and near execution for the murder of a Dallas policeman -- a crime he didn't commit.

Randall met Jill Fratta on the 1998 Texas Journey of Hope and were married the following year on Memorial Day Weekend.

In 2010 Randall died because of a brain tumor.

Joined the following Journeys

1998 Texas
1998 Indiana


"Obviously, the death penalty in America does not work. Eighty-seven people have been released from death row in the last 10 years. That figure alone tells me we have probably executed innocents. For that reason I oppose the death penalty. I favor a moratorium if for no other reason than it stops the killings. My ultimate goal is the abolition of the death penalty"