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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Sonja "Sunny" Jacobs

Sunny Jacobs spent seventeen years in prison in Florida, including five on Death Row, for murders she did not commit. When she was released in 1992, it was too late for her husband, Jesse Tafero, who was executed for the same crimes in 1990 – before his innocence could be proven. Now a certified yoga instructor, Sunny credits Yoga for her survival and her sanity during her many years of incarceration. She presents workshops across the country on “Survival Yoga” where she shares the techniques she used to turn her solitary confinement cell into a “sanctuary”. She also speaks regularly against the death penalty and works with young people to promote non-violent conflict resolution.

Reprinted with permission from Not In Our Name: Murder Victims Families Speak Out Against the Death Penalty, a publication of Murder Victims Families For Reconciliation, Barbara Hood & Rachel King, Editors; MVFR


Journey Board Member: 2001-2003


"Life has given me many challenges, which I choose to take as opportunities to learn and grow. This is my choice. I learned this on death row. I chose life, health, forgiveness, and love. That choice saved me from bitterness and hatred that would have destroyed me from within. I have dedicated myself to an end to violence – in all its forms. This is the way I honor the lives that were sacrificed along the way. This is the way I give back to the universe. Love is the answer. Fear is the enemy. We must choose the world we want and work towards making it happen every day in our own lives."