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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Aba Gayle, Silverton OR

Aba Gayle’s 19 year old daughter Catherine Blount was murdered.  She spent 8 long years in anger and rage and lusting for revenge.  She was assured by the district attorney that the execution of the man responsible for Catherine’s murder would make everything alright and she would be healed.

Aba Gayle then spent the next 4 years in intensive study in the Unity Church and Church of Religious Science.  She read her way through metaphysical books stores and learned about all the great spiritual teachers who have come earth to show us the way to live in love, peace and harmony.   After 12 long years Aba Gayle had an epithany.  She heard a voice that told her to forgive the man who murdered Catherine, and to let him know.  That led to a letter to Douglas Mickey who was convicted and sent to death row in San Quentin State Prison in California.   The act of mailing the letter resulted in instant healing for Aba Gayle.  She has since visited San Quentin and now considers Douglas Mickey to be her friend.  See her web site at to read the letter and the rest of the story.

Her passion in life is speaking and teaching about the healing power of forgiveness. She has appeared in numerous documentary films and several recent books have her story including Unstoppable Women-Achieve any Breakthrough Goal in 30 Days by Cynthia Kersey, Radical Acts of Love by Susan Skog, Sharing Visions by John E. Sumwalt and Stop Singing the Blues and Start Living a Life of Joy, Simplicity and Beauty by Dr. Cynthia Barnett.


  • Journey of Hope-From Violence to healing; Board member
  • Murder Victims Families for Human Rights; Founding Member
  • Oregonians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty; Board member
  • CURE-Oregon
  • Facilitator-support group for friends and family of incarcerated men and women Salem, Oregon
  • Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP); Facilitator
  • Facilitator AVP workshops in Oregon State Penitentiary
  • Fellowship of Reconciliation
  • Silverton People for Peace


“I'm opposed to the death penalty because I don't agree with murder. Murder is still murder. It's violence against a human being."

“Anger is just a horrible thing to do to your body. Not to mention what it does to your soul and spirit. Forgiveness is not saying what he did was right - it's taking back your power."

“It's time to stop teaching people to hate and start teaching people to love. The whole execution as closure idea is not realistic"