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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Ami White, Houston TX

Ami remembers being told that her mother, Cathy, was murdered when she was five. She speaks to the pain and despair that she felt then and in the years since. She recognizes that "those on death row and those who are executed have families too, those family members, those children experience the same kind of pain and devastation that I felt. To me, the most premeditated murder of all is the death penalty. It only creates more victims, more heartache, more pain."

Ami has spoken publicly on issues such as Restorative Justice, Victim Offender Mediation Dialogue, (VOMD)) Victims Services, and Death Penalty Abolition. She formerly served as president of the Texas Chapter of Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation and was featured in a documentary "Meeting a Killer" where she met face-to-face with one of the men who murdered her mother.


President of the Texas chapter of Murder Victims Families for Reconciliation