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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Anne Coleman, Dover DE

Anne Coleman’s daughter Frances was shot to death in her car while driving through South Central Los Angeles in 1985. No arrest was ever made for the crime. During the months following the murder, Anne’s youngest son Daniel fought severe anger and depression over his sister’s death, and repeatedly expressed his desire for revenge against her killer. At age 25 -- two years after his sister’s murder - - Daniel died of cardiac arrest after taking antidepressant medications. In Anne’s view, the same bullet killed two of her children. Anne and her friend, Barbara Lewis, founded BECAUSE LOVE ALLOWS COMPASSION, a Delaware support group for murder victims’ families and the families of death row inmates.

Reprinted with permission from Not In Our Name: Murder Victims Families Speak Out Against the Death Penalty, a publication of Murder Victims Families For Reconciliation, Barbara Hood & Rachel King, Editors; MVFR


“God commands us that vengeance is His and His alone. We are instructed to love both our friends and our enemies. We are to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. The death of my daughter by murder caused my family a pain that I am unable sometimes to put into words. But the murder of her killer would not heal our pain. When the state kills it does not help the victims. It creates more victims. We as a society must find a way to stop this senseless killing on both sides of the law. Don’t kill for me in the name of justice, because the death penalty is not justice. It is legalized killing."