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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Hector Black, Cookeville TN

Hector Black’s daughter, Patricia, was murdered and raped in Atlanta in 2000. As Quakers, the Blacks reject violence as a solution to human problems and they both concluded that they did not want the death penalty for their daughter’s killer. Hector wrote a letter to the sentencing judge saying he did not want his daughter’s killer to die and has since begun corresponding with him in prison.

Hector says that at first he tried hard to demonize his daughter’s killer, because he wanted him to be a monster. Coming to terms with the murderer’s humanity was like coming to terms with himself, “We all have the capacity for enormous good or evil.” Hector is an active member of MVFR and CTASK.

Joined the following journeys

2003 Ohio


I know that love does not seek revenge. We do not want a life for a life. Love seeks healing, peace and wholeness. Hatred can never overcome hatred. Only love can overcome hatred and violence. Love is that light. It is that candle that cannot be extinguished by all the darkness and hatred in the world. Judge Goger, that is the reason we are not asking for the death penalty.