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Saturday, April 04, 2020

Offering alternatives to the death penalty

Journey of Hope…From Violence to Healing gives a more complete picture of how the death penalty prolongs suffering, prevents healing, perpetuates the cycle of violence and thus creates more victims.

Journey of Hope…From Violence to Healing inspires, educates, informs and raises awareness as it assists the grassroots educational efforts of local, state, national and international organizations.

Journey of Hope…From Violence to Healing puts human faces on those who can provide their heartfelt responses to the statement “You’d feel different if it happened to someone you loved.” The stories can be retold and can help move from heated debate to thoughtful discussions about finding more positive and humane responses to violence in our society.

Rejecting a policy of vengeance in the name of murder victims’ family members

A core argument advanced by proponents of the death penalty is that it provides “justice” and “closure” to the family members and friends of the murder victim and is necessary to assuage the grief suffered by the family of the murder victim. This proposition has a powerful emotional appeal. The American public has a natural well of sympathy for family members and friends of the victims of violent crime. Prosecutors and politicians who defend the use of the death penalty continue to work to exploit this sympathy.

Journey of Hope…From Violence to Healing provides voices of murder victim family members who reject this policy of vengeance and are working to bring about an end to the death penalty. We spread the message of forgiveness and love to hundreds of thousands of people in the United States and throughout the world.

Supporting Death Row Prisoners and their loved ones

In 2010, there were over 3,000 men and women on death row in the US, and over 20,000 across the world.

Journey of Hope…From Violence to Healing is close to several death row prisoners and their loved ones in the United States and throughout the world. We support them whether innocent or guilty. Although we cannot get involved in every individual case, we certainly welcome family members and friends who wish to join us in the fight against the death penalty. Many already have, we value their personal stories and feature them on our speaking tours. We also stand with families and friends of those who have been executed.

Recognizing wrongfully-convicted and exonerated

Since 1973, 138 people in 26 states have been released from death row.

Journey of Hope…From Violence to Healing stands with those who have survived death row. We say that they were not saved by the system, but in spite of the system. Many have served on our board and traveled with us during our speaking tours. Their innocence is a compelling motive to abolish the death penalty.

Federating and uniting on an international scale

It is our goal to federate and unite with international organizations and activists to raise awareness on a larger scale, to develop the appropriate tools to educate and to support those who walk the same path.

Journey of Hope…From Violence to Healing is a member of the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty, composed of over 100 member organisations with diverse backgrounds.

Promoting a new vision for the criminal justice system

Journey of Hope…From Violence to Healing stresses the need for offender accountability and the opportunity for the offender to make things right with the victim as much as possible. Restorative justice processes allow for greater healing in the lives of victims and offenders, and peace in communities, after crimes are committed.