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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Welcome to the Journey of Hope

Journey of Hope...from Violence to Healing is an organization that is led by murder victim family members that conducts public education speaking tours and addresses alternatives to the death penalty.

Journey "storytellers" come from all walks of life and represent the full spectrum and diversity of faith, color and economic situation. They are real people who know first-hand the aftermath of the insanity and horror of murder. They recount their tragedies and their struggles to heal as a way of opening dialogue on the death penalty in schools, colleges, churches and other venues.

The Journey spotlights murder victim's family members who choose not to seek revenge, and instead select the path of love and compassion for all of humanity. Forgiveness is seen as strength and as a way of healing.  The greatest resources of the Journey are the people who are a part of it.


Latest News

Tuesday, 06/14/2016

I am very pleased to announce The Nebraska Journey of Hope July 15-24, 2016

NEBRASKA HERE WE COME Fellow abolitionists, I have GREAT NEWS for all who love and support the...

Sunday, 06/05/2016

Journey Members to speak in Northern Virginia June 26-28

In advance of the Annual Fast and Vigil June 29-July 2, Journey members Bill Pelke, Shujaa Graham,...

Monday, 02/01/2016

Ride down the memory lane...

While we're preparing to join various events in 2016 we're hiding in the dark. Feel free to...